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Are you ready for the ultimate list of Childrens Books, which has more than 100 picture and chapter books by theme and subject, making it easy to find the right book for your child or students? We take our books and reading serious on Mommy Evolution!

There are so many benefits to reading to your kids early and often!

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100+ Children's Books Lists by Theme, Age and Subject | Mommy Evolution

I remember when my kids were in preschool, the teacher would work with the local library to get books that matched the learning theme of the week.

It inspired me to start that tradition in my own home — and has lead to a wonderful relationship with our local librarians. I love working with our local librarians to help fill in any gaps I have… the toughest one was my list of Jazz books, which is personally one of my favorite book lists.

Along with my book lists, I’ve worked with a number of other fabulous bloggers to create a whole list of free study unit resources you can use in homeschool or for a classroom curriculum.

Childrens Book Lists At A Glance

To make it easy for you, just click on a list to see all of the recommended books!

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Childrens Books List: Reading Book Lists At A Glance | Mommy Evolution