Children’s Books About Manners

Read these picture books about manners over and over again with your children to help them start learning proper etiquette. Childrens books are a great way to start the discussion.

When it comes to teaching good manners to kids, it’s never as simple as saying it once.

You can find these good manners books at your local library or purchase through the links provided for your convenience.

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Children's Picture Books About Manners | Manners #reading

Manner Books for Kids

We’ve read a number of these books about manners with y own kids over and over again.

I’m thrilled to say that adults often tell me how well-behaved children I have – oh if they only knew how crazy they are at home. Ha!

I have to say, Do Unto Otters was one of my boys all-time favorite books. If you can get it the Audio CD that goes with it – do it! We listened to that sucker a million times in the car.

For more on manners, also read How To Say You’re Sorry, Teach Your Kid iPhone Manners and Teaching Virtues Study Unit.

Why Are Manners Important

Manners are important because they create a positive and respectful social environment, facilitating effective communication and cooperation. They contribute to personal development by instilling discipline, self-control, and empathy.

Additionally, good manners play a key role in professional and academic success, reflecting social competence and the ability to collaborate effectively.

Ultimately, practicing good manners is essential for fostering considerate and respectful interactions, contributing to positive relationships in both personal and professional spheres.

How Are Manners Part of Social Emotional Learning

Manners play a vital role in Social Emotional Learning by contributing to the development of key competencies.

Demonstrating good manners aligns with SEL goals by emphasizing relationship skills, social awareness, responsible decision-making, self-management, empathy, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Practicing manners offers tangible experiences that reinforce these crucial social and emotional competencies, fostering positive social interactions and overall well-being within individuals and communities.

For more SEL, visit our Social Emotional Learning Books.

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