Books about Fall Leaves for Children (Leaves Unit Study)

Every fall, we love to pull out some old favorite books about fall leaves to welcome the season!

Although the trees are a brilliant green, Fall is just around the corner.

And while the first hint is usually a cooler breeze in the air, the changing of the colors is an unmistakable sign of Autumn.

For more reading ideas, visit our extensive list of childrens books for kids!

You can find these books about fall leaves for children at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Books about Fall Leaves for Children + FREE Leaves Study Unit Resources | Mommy Evolution

Fall Leaves Books for Kids

One of the books about fall leaves that is truly full of heart are Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.

I happened to grab this book from the library on a lark and was pleasantly surprised to find a truly heart-warming book.

It was so sweet to read with my boys.

Books about Fall Leaves for Children (Leaves Unit Study)


Leaves Unity Study

In addition to recommending books about fall leaves, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers to offer you homeschool and classroom unit study resources about leaves! These unit study resources may contain affiliate links.

FREE Leaves Study Unit Resources + Book Recommendations about Fall Leaves

For further leaves study unit resources and ideas, consider the following:


  1. We’re starting to homeschool my daughter this year and these are great suggestions. Thanks!

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