Star Wars Books for Kids

From its iconic characters and memorable dialogue to its thrilling space battles and adventurous plotlines, “Star Wars” has become a cultural phenomenon that has inspired generations of fans. While the movies, TV shows, and video games may be the most popular ways to experience the galaxy far, far away, there are also many great Star Wars Books for Kids that are just as exciting and engaging.

Whether your child is a lifelong fan or new to the series, Star Wars books can transport them to a world of adventure and imagination and introduce them to the many beloved characters and creatures that make this universe so special.

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You can find the following Star Wars books for kids at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Star Wars Books for Kids | Mommy Evolution

Children’s Star Wars Books

The holidays were very good to my kids. But while we saw everyone posting pictures of their families heading off to see the latest Star Wars movie, we were at home.

My kids just aren’t ready for the intensity of the movie in the theaters.

But they love reading about all of the Star Wars characters.

This year, I gave my son the Star Wars: Jedi Academy series and he absolutely devoured them.

Seriously… I kept waiting to catch him reading them by flashlight under the covers.

But he hasn’t gotten that sophisticated in his deceptions yet. Ha!

Star Wars Books for Kids

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    1. Most definitely not! But that doesn’t mean our kids aren’t interested and already in love with the characters.

      There will be a time for the movies — but not for a while for our more sensitive kiddos.

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