Children’s Books about Women in Math and Coding

These children’s books about Women in Math let girls know they can dream big and teaches everyone that math isn’t just for boys (a horrible stereotype that still pops up).

Girls need to see that there are strong women in math, and there have been for centuries, despite the obstacles. 

You can find these books about women in math at your local library or purchase through the links provided for your convenience.

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Children's Books about Women in Math and Coding | Mommy Evolution #womenshistorymonth #booksaboutwomen

Books about Women Who Made a Difference in Math

My youngest son is a real math geek! 

He eats, breaths and sleeps math.

STEM is such a buzzword lately — but women have been rocking the science, technology, engineering and math world for years!

What a wonderful thing to show him just how much women have rocked the math world.

Women in Math - Books for Children


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  1. This is a great list! Several of these are available at my library. I plan on reading them to my sons.

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