Ultimate Summer Reading Lists For Kids (Grades K-8)

Get your kids reading this summer! These summer reading lists will keep your kids excited about reading throughout the holiday.

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Ultimate Summer Reading Lists For Kids (Grades K-8)

If you’re a regular reader here on The Jenny Evolution, you know what book nuts my whole family is! I used to voraciously read novels… but once I had kids my passion turned towards picture and chapter books for kids.

In addition to the more than 100 reading lists I’ve put together for my kids, I’ve also made an effort to put together a special summer reading plan for them. Enjoy the newest lists for the summer I’ve put together… but don’t miss out on past years either. You’ll definitely find some new favorites for your children.

Summer Reading Lists 2023

Where’s 2020-2022? It was during Covid and the Pandemic Lockdown! I gave my kids off from the summer after surviving remote learning. We all needed the respite.

Summer Reading Lists 2019

Summer Reading Lists 2018

Summer Reading Lists 2017

Summer Reading Lists 2016

Don’t miss out on the Best New Books of the Year — from Kindergarten through High School!

Summer Reading Lists 2015

Summer Reading Lists 2014

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