5 Civil Rights Books for Elementary Students

You’re going to want to read these 5 Civil Rights Books for Children to your own kids — they are so important for everyone to know!

Here are five wonderful books that will help begin (and continue) the conversation about equality. But don’t let the conversation end here!

Be sure to check out even more age-appropriate Black History Month books about the African American experience.

You can find these civili rights books at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

5 Civil Rights Books for Children | Mommy Evolution

Books about Civil Rights for Kids

As a parent, I often wonder how to begin the discussion of civil rights with my children.

I believe it is incredibly important for them to learn from a young age about discrimination and treating all people as equals.

Personally, I have found that books are often a wonderful doorway to begin the discussion.

I hope it inspires you to make this year’s holiday not just a day off from school but a day to connect with your kids and share in the indomitable spirit and enduring legacy of Martin Luther King.

5 Civil Rights Books for Elementary Students

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    1. I’m looking forward to checking out these books from our library. I believe books are very important to children as a way of learning. I prefer the books that teach our children history without the children knowing they are learning history. The books that are fun with beautiful photos are the ones that I look for and these books seem to be in that category.

      Thank you for linking up at #InspireMeMondays ! I pinned your post to the Inspire Me Mondays group board at http://www.pinterest.com/morselsoflife/inspire-me-monday/

    2. I own each one of these books and I think your right, these are all great conversation starter books. Although when I first read Henry’s Freedom Box to my second child the first time there were so many questions that I was not as prepared to answer as I thought. It did raise questions though and we had a conversation like never before. That was the first time I seen my child take a real interest in anything. Since that book she has learned as much about slavery as she could and has even took the steps to look up our family history. So if i had to pick a great book to kick start with it would be Henry’s Freedom Box.

      Great list!

      1. Henry’s Freedom Box is a terrific way to start. And it’s true… I’ve been taken off guard sometimes when reading because I’m not always prepared for some of these questions my kid throw at me — that often have complex answers. But only good has come of it.

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