10 Picture Books About Rainbows

Picture books about rainbows are a terrific way to teach children all of the colors as well as the emotions they emote.

These books explore the science behind rainbows. They also celebrate the wonder and awe that rainbows inspire, with vibrant illustrations that capture the magic of these dazzling displays of color.

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You can find these picture books about rainbows at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

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10 Picture Books About Rainbows

Picture books about rainbows offer an engaging and colorful way for young readers to learn about the science and beauty of these magical arcs of light. Many of these books get creative in how they’re teaching kids the colors of the rainbow.

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Picture Books About Rainbows for Children

Perhaps it's the feet upon feet of snow lying on the ground or the fact that St. Patrick's Day is around the corner.

But I have been dreaming of the signs of Spring lately, which includes rainbows!

And that includes picture books about rainbows!

picture books about rainbows


    1. We just love rainbows. And particularly for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring. They just make me happpyyyy! 😀

  1. We have rainbows on Story Snug today! Am going to pin some of your book suggestions to our Pinterest board.

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely dreaming of rainbows today… but getting rain/slow instead :/

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