Snuggle in and read these delightful Board Books with your toddler today!

Kids can be so hard on books!

My boys would tear apart books – they just loved them so much but handled them roughly.

There were even books we read so much they just naturally fell apart.

So I turned to board books to help me keep my sanity while encouraging them to love read

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Ultimate Collection of the Best Toddlers Board Books

Reading to babies and toddlers helps them learn the sound of language, begin to recognize words and expose them to new concepts and ideas.

There’s nothing like reading toddlers board books to get children excited about reading!

We know that children are tough on books, which is why buying board books are key.

When my boys were little, we had a mini-library of board books that they could easily grab for themselves.

Of course, they still managed to wear out their favorites — but they sure did last for a while.

Why You Should Read to Your Child When They’re Young

Cultivating a love of reading is one of the most valuable things we can do for our children.

The skill of reading will bring benefits that last a lifetime.

Reading to your child is something you can do right from birth.

It’s a wonderful way to connect your child with books as well as have your own time to connect with your child.

A child who is read to more often will develop better language skills.

His vocabulary will expand to include more words and longer words.

His grammar will also improve as he hears correct sentence formation over and over.

A child can learn to speak well simply through the enjoyable activity of reading.

Reading from birth may be one of the most enjoyable times you spend with your child.

When you make time to read to your child, they will look forward to it, and the moments they spend imagining all the stories they hear.

Reading on a regular basis will develop a love for reading that will always be with them.

And don’t miss out on personal favorite board books of all time. We read these so much, we often had to buy additional copies!


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