Black Women in Science Childrens Books

These books about black women in science showcase the trailblazing work of remarkable women who have overcome tremendous obstacles to make groundbreaking discoveries, challenge long-held beliefs, and pave the way for future generations.

The books about women in history not only celebrate these women’s incredible achievements but also highlight the importance of diversity and representation in science, encouraging your young reader to pursue their passions, regardless of their race or gender.

Be sure to check out even more age-appropriate Black History Month books about the African American experience.

You can find these black women in science children’s book at your local library or purchase through the links provided for your convenience.

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Black Women in Science and Math Childrens Books | Mommy Evolution - perfect for black history month!

Share the accomplishments of these amazing black women in science with your children for Black History Month! Inspiration comes in many forms. 

As a mom, I find it important to expose my boys to people of all races, creeds and color to better understand that without these amazing people, the world wouldn’t be what it is today.  As an aunt to girls, I want them to see themselves in the women who came before them so that they can know what is possible.

As a family of readers, we often turn to books to expose my boys to the powerful and world-changing people who came before them.

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