The Love of a Mom: Mother’s Day Books to Read with Children

Here are some wonderful Mother’s Day books you can read your little ones this holiday or any day to let them know how happy you are to be their mom.

When you become a mother, it quickly becomes apparent that Mother’s Day isn’t actually about you but rather still about your kids.

From burnt breakfast in bed to lopsided (but appreciated) globs of homemade artwork. 

For more reading ideas, visit our extensive list of childrens books for kids!

You can find these Mother’s Day books at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Picture Books about a Mom's Love for Mother's Day and Everyday | Mommy Evolution

Mother’s Day Books: All About the Love of a Mother

There are so many wonderful Mother’s Day books out there.

It’s tough to pick just one. 

The Runaway Bunny was a favorite among my boys.



    1. We have loved all of these… makes me sad my boys are starting to get too old for these types of reads. I’ll just have to sneak them in somehow 🙂

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