Astronaut Books for Kids

Read these astronaut books for kids to get their imaginations going and dream big dreams.

Does you child dream of traveling large distances? Do they dream of exploring space and the unknown Indulge them!

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You can find these children’s astronaut books for kids at your local library or through the links provided for your convenience.

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Astronaut Books for Children + FREE Astronaut, Moon and Space Study Unit Resources

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5 Fun Astronaut Facts for Kids

Space Suits Magic: Astronauts wear special suits called space suits when they go into space. These suits are like mini spaceships, providing them with oxygen to breathe and protection from the extreme temperatures in space.

Floating Fun: In space, there’s no gravity like on Earth, so astronauts experience microgravity. This means they can float and do somersaults inside the spacecraft. It’s like being in a constant state of weightlessness!

Space Food Adventures: Astronauts eat special food designed for space travel. It comes in vacuum-sealed packages and can include everything from rehydratable fruits to specially prepared meals. There’s even specially engineered coffee that doesn’t require gravity to pour!

Out-of-This-World Views: Astronauts get to see amazing views of Earth from space. They witness sunrises and sunsets every 45 minutes! Imagine seeing the entire planet from a spaceship window—it’s a breathtaking experience.

Cosmic Career Choices: Astronauts have fascinating backgrounds. They can be scientists, engineers, doctors, or even former military pilots. They undergo extensive training to prepare for space missions, including simulations of spacewalks and learning how to live and work in the confined spaces of a spacecraft.

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Space exploration and the idea of traveling beyond the Earth has always been a fascinating topic for kids.

Astronaut books provide a thrilling and informative introduction to the science, technology and the incredible feats of human courage required to journey into the vast expanse of outer space.

From the excitement of a rocket launch to the extraordinary experiences of living in zero gravity, astronaut books offer a thrilling glimpse into the lives of those who have traveled beyond our planet.


More Astronaut and Moon Fun!

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astronaut books for children

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  1. I am past the stage of home schooling but I like this list and think non homeschool parents would like it especially with star gazing summer nights. I am sharing this on FB adn sending to my daughter. Her kids love to read and are very inquisitive.

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