Picture Books about Women… Amazing Women!

For women’s history month, I’m sharing some of our favorite non-fiction picture books about women… amazing women!

As the mom of boys, I believe it’s just as important that both boys and girls learn about inspiring women and learn that girls can do the same thing as boys — sometimes with better results!

My boys have learned that girls can be leading thinkers and accomplish some pretty cool things despite the roadblocks society may have put in their way. Now that’s the power of intelligent picture books about women!

Be sure to out these other children’s books about women – perfect for kids of all ages.

You can find these books at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

20 Non Fiction Picture Books About Amazing Women | Mommy Evolution

My boys really did enjoy reading about all of these amazing women!

Two books that really stood out for them was Players In Pigtails and The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever

We even had the audio version of Players in Pigtails and would listen to it time and time again while in the car.

For women's history month, I'm sharing some of our favorite non-fiction picture books about women... amazing women!


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    Women In History | Mommy Evolution

    Be sure to join my fellow bloggers on Multicultural Kid Blogs who are also highlighting amazing women with kid-focused activities throughout the month.


    1. What a great round up – thank you for sharing!

      I want to raise my boys to be feminists and these books are fantastic tools to teach how important women are, especially in traditionally male dominated roles.

      1. When we first started reading them, Gude, I loved the surprised comments from my boys that girls weren’t treated as equals. They couldn’t believe anyone would be treated unfairly. It’s been eye opening — from a kindergartener’s perspective — and taught them that strong women are to be embraced. I’ll know I’ve done a good job when they marry a strong woman when they’re grown 😀

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