Childrens Books about Presidents (Unit Study)

President’s Day isn’t too far off! But honestly (Honest Abe, that is) we enjoy reading about the presidents any time of the year with these childrens books about presidents!

Through engaging stories, colorful illustrations, and fascinating facts, children’s books about presidents provide a fun and accessible way for children to learn about the history and government of the United States.

They offer a glimpse into the lives and legacies of some of the country’s most remarkable leaders, and inspire children to think critically about the role of government and the importance of civic engagement.

For more reading ideas, visit our extensive list of childrens books for kids!

In addition to recommending books about presidents for kids, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers to offer you homeschool and classroom President Unit Study ideas and resources to teach kids about all of our United States presidents!

You can find these children books about presidents at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Childrens Books about Presidents -- Perfect for President's Day! PLUS Free Study Unit Ideas about Presidents for Classroom or Homeschool

Learning about the history and politics of the United States can be an exciting and engaging experience for children, and books about presidents can help spark their interest in these subjects.

From George Washington to Joe Biden, children’s books about presidents offer a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential leaders in American history.

Does your child have a favorite president? Mine has always been Teddy Roosevelt. The book The Camping Trip That Changed America just made me love him that much more.

And for some extra fun, play a printable Elections game for kids to help them understand how the Electoral College works.


United States President Study Unit

In addition to recommending childrens books about presidents for kids, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers to offer you homeschool and classroom unit study ideas and resources to teach kids about all of our United States presidents! These unit study resources may contain affiliate links.

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  1. My kids love reading books like this! I still remember when I would read my own little kid U.S. history books and spout all these facts that annoyed my parents. Now I know how my parents feel I guess! Thanks for this list though! Hadn’t heard of very many of these!

    1. Ha! I know what you mean… my kiddos do get a kick out of hearing all of the interesting stories about our presidents…. from starting libraries to creating national parks, the individual books that talk about the earmark actions have grabbed their attention over the years.

  2. Such a great list! We loved The Camping Trip That Changed America. Pinned.

    1. The Camping Trip That Changed America is one of our favorites (and Teddy is one of my favorite presidents!) I had the pleasure of meeting the author — who’s also fabulous 🙂

  3. Can you believe Donald Trump is going to be in our children’s history books?
    They are going to have a lot of questions where my honest answer will be, “Honey, I really don’t know why.”
    Thanks for this list though! It is so important to teach our children the past.

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