Chinese New Year Books for Kids

Whether you’re introducing your child to Chinese culture for the first time or looking to deepen their understanding of this important holiday, Chinese New Year Books for children are a fantastic way to celebrate this special time of year.

From learning about the 12 zodiac animals to understanding the significance of the color red, these books provide an engaging and educational way for children to explore the vibrant and fascinating world of Chinese New Year.

Through these stories, children can gain an appreciation for diversity, learn about different cultures and traditions, and develop an understanding of the importance of family and community.

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You can find these Chinese New Year Books for Kids at your local library or purchase them through the links provided for your convenience. And join us with holiday books for kids to last the whole year!

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Chinese New Year Books for Kids. Perfect for celebrating the Chinese New Year with children!

Chinese New Year Stories for Kids

My family has always enjoyed the flavor of the Chinese New Year.

But when my brother and sister-in-law moved to China for a couple of years, it took on a whole new meaning!

I love having my children learn about other cultures and what is wonderful about other parts of the world.

Join me in expanding your child’s appreciation of different cultures, including China. It not only expands your child’s understanding of the world but also expands how they think about the world around them.

Facts about Chinese New Year for Kids


Chinese new year books - the runaway wok; celebrate Chinese new year and dim sum for everyone

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