ADHD in Children

As a parent with a kiddo with ADHD, the moment my Vman was diagnosed I started reading everything I could about ADHD in children.

It can be hard to know where to begin when you have a child diagnosed.

I’ve pulled together some great information for you to help you get started and better understand your child.

ADHD in Children

ADHD in Children Resources

Information about ADHD in Children

Encouragement for Special Needs Parents

When I started Mommy Evolution, it was a personal outlet to share my personal experience with having two boys with Sensory Processing Disorder.

I had already started my website The Sensory Spectrum but needed a place to share what I was about.

Then we got the additional diagnosis that one of our son’s was high on the chart for ADD and ADHD.

I began sharing my personal experiences and insights with having a kiddo with ADD and ADHD, but other people also have stories to share.

So I’m offering other moms an outlet to share through my series Voices of Special Needs!

Voices of Special Needs on The Jenny Evolution: SPD, ADHD + Dyslexia

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