From classrooms teaching Women’s History Month to parents reading with their own children, these books about women in history will inspire your kids and expand their world.

America celebrates Women’s History Month every March.

But I encourage you to read these books throughout the year.

Whether you’re a school teacher or a parent, by weaving these books into your classrooms or lives throughout the year, you send a strong message to your children that women’s history matters.

Children's Books about Women in History | MOMMY EVOLUTION

As the mom of two boys, I want to make sure my kids know the important part women have played in history.

I personally felt compelled to read them stories they might not otherwise come across in school.

I wanted them to hear stories from all the threads of American society. 

So often the female experience in history is glossed over in school, ultimately minimizing that history.

It’s important we bring the voices of others to our kids or they will never truly understand how America became what it is today or where it needs to go tomorrow.

Books about Women in History FOR KIDS – Women’s HISTORY MONTH

Below you’ll find a number of well-curated reading lists about women in history… perfect for reading during Women’s History Month and throughout the year.

Non-Fiction Books about Women for Kids

Non-fiction books about women for kids is an awesome way to demonstrate to my kids that women, despite tough obstacles, have changed the course of history.

Regular readers of Mommy Evolution know how much I love using books as a way to broaden my sons’ understanding of the world.

Picture Books about Women… Amazing Women!

For women’s history month, I’m sharing some of our favorite non-fiction picture books about women… amazing women!

As the mom of boys, I believe it’s just as important that both boys and girls learn about inspiring women and learn that girls can do the same thing as boys — sometimes with better results!

My boys have learned that girls can be leading thinkers and accomplish some pretty cool things despite the roadblocks society may have put in their way.

Now that’s the power of intelligent picture books about women!

20 African American Children Books about Women

With it being Women’s History Month, why not take it one step further and look at some amazing African American children books about women!

I’ve pulled together a number of book lists focusing on fabulous women to share with my boys over the years.

But it’s time to have just a list of wonderful African American women.

Women Activists:  Books for Children

Now more than ever, it’s important for our children to read about women activists!

We live in tumultuous times when it’s critical we teach our children to make their voice heard in their government.

More Children’s Books about Women – Amazing Women!

Last year I shared some of our favorite children’s books about women for Women’s History Month, but there are just too many fabulous books to get them all in one list.

So I’ve created the 2nd list of favorite books about wonderful women that I’ve read to my boys… oh yes… my boys!

Because boys need to know how fabulous women are, too.

Even More Children’s Books on Women … Amazing Women!

Oh I know I’ve already put together a couple of lists of amazing books on women… but I just can’t stop myself!

Seriously, there are just too many real, fierce, inspiring, world-changing women out there!

And I love that children’s authors have focused on these amazing people.

Books about Women in Science for Children

These children’s books about women in science show just how women have shaped our understanding of science and influenced the communities around them.

Give your child a better understanding that things like science aren’t just for men — but rather anyone can do anything they put their mind to.

Come on! Women can rock anything they dedicate themselves to!

Children’s Books about Women in Math and Coding

These children’s books about Women in Math let girls know they can dream big and teaches everyone that math isn’t just for boys (a horrible stereotype that still pops up).

Girls need to see that there are strong women in math, and there have been for centuries, despite the obstacles. 

Black Women in Science Children’s Books

Share the accomplishments of these amazing black women in science with your children for Black History Month!