Welcome to Alphabet Sensory Activities!

26 amazing bloggers have gotten together to share a sensory experience based on a letter of the alphabet… think sensory bin, sensory bottle, gross motor outlet, tactile craft or fine motor activity. But these are all guaranteed to be fun!

Every day this month, there will be a new sensory activity you can use with your kiddos.

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These alphabet-inspired activities are the perfect way to introduce and reinforce the alphabet with your kiddo throughout the year!

You can easily find an alphabet activity to fit the letter you’re currently working on or do a new letter every week.

Recommended Alphabet Books for Toddlers

Enjoy these ABC alphabet books that are perfect once your kids are done playing!

Get my full list of recommended reading about the alphabet.

Extra Alphabet Ideas!

Don't miss these printable alphabet ideas to do at home or for your classroom!

Alphabet Sensory Activities from A to Z | Mommy Evolution

Alphabet Sensory Activities Series

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    More Alphabet Fun!

    Don't let the fun and learning stop here! Enjoy these additional engaging learning the alphabet activities with your kiddos!