Alphabet Emboss Painting Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to teach your toddler or preschooler their numbers and letters, these Alphabet Emboss Painting Activities for kids involves fine motor skills, art and learning.

Mommy Evolution welcomes fellow blogger Tarana from Sand In My Toes, who is sharing her inventive painting activity for her own toddler.

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Emboss Painting Activities for Kids | Mommy Evolution

Adorable Alphabet Books

Enjoy these ABC Alphabet Books that are perfect once your kids are done playing!

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It’s the perfect way to keep the learning going during your storytime!

Emboss Painting Activities for Kids

I’m always looking for ways to teach my three-year old to recognize his numbers and letters.

Recently, we’ve started focusing on letter writing as well.

He isn’t always keen on working with a pencil, so I thought I’d make it fun by doing a painting activity.

This was also the first time we tried painting on a new medium – foil, and we loved it!

And for additional alphabet practice, children will have fun with alphabet letter puzzles and this summer alphabet tracing booklet.


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1. First, I placed four letters on a tray and then covered it with a sheet of foil.

I taped it in place on the sides.

Emboss Painting Activity Step 1

2. We slowly traced the letters underneath with our fingers, and they began to take shape.

This was fun, and my son liked how the letters seemed to magically appear on the foil!

I had to help him a little with this to properly emboss the letters so they were clear.

step 2 put aluminum foil

3. Next, I asked him to draw over the letters with a paintbrush.

This was a great learning opportunity as we counted the number and type of lines in each letter, and how they should be drawn.

Emboss Painting Activities Step 3

He loved this activity so much that we did several more letters!

You could also try the Emboss Painting activity with numbers or shapes.

It’s a fun way to introduce writing to toddlers or preschoolers or just for practice!

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    About Tarana
    Tarana Khan is an expat mom to a toddler. She loves writing and has done her stints as a copywriter, reporter and content editor, before embracing parenthood full time.

    She blogs at Sand In My Toes, where you can drop by to read more of her parenting and other adventures!

    Tarana also has a series called Busy Hands where you can find more activities and craft for toddlers and preschoolers.


    1. Cool idea, Tarana! As a graphic designer, I’m all about embossing 🙂 I think I’ll try this with my kiddos today using their bath foam letters.

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