DIY Simple Sensory Bottles

Making a sensory bottle really isn’t as complicated as you might think. Find out how to make simple sensory bottles for your child in just minutes!

Do you ever browse through Pinterest, seeing all of these amazing sensory activities moms are coming up with, only to think to yourself, “How on earth am I supposed to have the time and energy to make that?”

I was certainly one of those moms. But I’m telling you that sensory bottles don’t have to be complicated at all to be hits with your kids!

With some simple materials, you can be making your own sensory bottles in absolutely no time! This post contains affiliate links.

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DIY Simple Sensory Bottles | Mommy Evolution

What You’ll Need to Get Started for Simple Sensory Bottles

Materials you absolutely must have:

  • Empty water bottle (personally I like Voss bottled water because you can stand the bottle up on either end)
  • Super glue (you don’t want that sucker getting opened)

Additional materials you may already have:

Directions to Make Your Own Sensory Bottle

Wash your water bottles

Remove the labels. (Goo Gone is awesome for getting rid of labels!)

Fill with your favorite stuff.

 Super glue top on. (Some people prefer to glue gun the bottle closed.)

Have fun! Let your child shake the bottle, swirl the contents or play I Spy.

Get Inspired with These Sensory Bottles

Here are some inspirational ideas to get you started.

And remember, sensory bottles don’t have to have a liquid in them to be terrific sensory outlets for your child!


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  1. I am so excited to come across this site. I’m planning on sending a bunch of my students to this site so they can make useful toys for the disabled kids we work with in orphanages, clinics, and small rural centres in Vietnam. Thanks for sharing this great information.

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