Sensory Goop Recipe

This Goop Recipe is going to become a fun staple in your home.

Whether you’re a mom of toddlers or a preschool teacher, there are just some sensory recipes you have to know and goop is one of them!

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DIY Goop Recipe

Sensory Goop Recipe

Sensory goop is such a favorite! For kids that seek out sensory sensations (or a tactile seekers), this goop recipe is going to become a favorite.

When I get my hands on goop, I just can’t stop playing with it. It feels SO good!

DIY Goop

I also have a kiddo that is tactile defensive — which means he doesn’t like to get his hands messy.

If you have a child like this, goop can be a good way to start getting used to tactile sensations. Just don’t expect them to jump right in.

A great way of introducing defensive kids to goop is to give them tools to manipulate the goop.

Trust me, a tactile defensive kid won’t just grab the goop and play. Give them tools to manipulate the goop to start with and let them decide where to go from there.

Note! Please make sure you supervise your children while playing.

This goop is for external use only, as this does contain a small amount of cleaning product. 

Materials for Goop:

Goop Tutorial

DIY Goop Directions

Utensils You’ll Need:

Green Goop Recipe


1. Pour your glue into your bowl

2. In a mason jar, mix 4oz warm water and 1/2 teaspoon borax

3. Pour your water/borax mix into bowl of glue

Sensory Christmas Goop Recipe

4. Mix for a couple minutes (it may look like your goop isn’t turning out, but be patient)

5. Now start mixing with your hands, kneading for a couple more minutes (the more your knead the smoother it will become)

6. Your goop is now ready for play! (This also doubles as one of the best cleaning putty’s for small spaces, like your car)

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