Instant Potato Snow Recipe. Gluten Free!

There’s loads of activities you can do with an instant potato snow recipe, but fellow blogger Emma from Adventures of Adam decided to make snowmen! 

Instant potato isn’t something you would associate with snowmen. However, once mixed together with warm water the instant potato makes a wonderful malleable resource. And for families that are gluten-free, you’re in luck!

Many instant potato products on the market are gluten-free (but be sure to check the label).

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Instant Fun Sensory Snow Recipe - Just ONE Ingredient and Gluten Free!

Instant Potato Snow Recipe

Instant Potato is incredible easy to make. I tipped 3/4 cup (120g) of the granules into a bowl, slowly added warm water and mixed.

I would recommend using more than 3/4 cup as it didn’t give us quite enough snow to form large snowmen.

Snow Recipe Process - Easy Peasy Sensory Play!

We could have started to play with the snow immediately, but I wanted my son to experience the cold sensation associated with snow.

I placed the instant potato mixture into an air tight container and put this into the freezer for a couple of hours.

Materials To Play With!

Snowman Invitation to Play

I set about collecting some loose parts in order for my son to create his own Instant Potato Snowmen.

I added a variety of different sized googly eyes and three pairs of googly eye finger puppets.

I added red golf tees to be used for the snowman’s hat, cut the ends off of orange craft sticks for the snowman’s nose and placed a selection of pipe cleaners for the scarf.

I also added a selection of colorful plastic toothpicks to be used for the snowman’s arms and legs.

1 Ingredient Sensory Snow- Food Based, Gluten Free!

I tipped the cold instant potato mixture from the freezer into a green sensory bin along with four sparkly trees.

The instant potato was cold to the touch, but not as freezing as real snow.

The substance was easy to mold yet crumbled again when we wanted it to.

Snowman Invitation to Play

Winter Snow Potato Recipe

My son set about creating a variety of different Instant Potato Snowmen.

The loose parts could be attached easily and we didn’t have any snowmen disasters.

The orange craft sticks did make our snowmen look like they had beaks rather than noses but we liked the alternative look.

My sons favorite snowman was created with the google eye finger puppet.

He declared that the it was an owl snowman and I would have to agree.

Snowman Invitation to Play - Great Idea if you don't have snow or it's too cold to go outside

Several Instant Potato Snowmen later our instant potato snow recipe was still going strong.

We put it back into the air tight container and placed it back in the freezer to be played with again another day.

Printable Snow Activities

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About Emma: During a difficult pregnancy suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Emma vowed to make every day an adventure once she had recovered. Adventures of Adam is the outcome of completing a 100 day play challenge with her toddler as part of that promise.

Emma, who is a trainedPrimary School Teacher, has a section dedicated to HG friendly play activities so that Mums can still be part of their children’s play whilst they are ill.

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