DIY Sensory Bottles

Get ready to make your own sensory bottles here on Mommy Evolution!

Sensory bottles are captivating tools designed to stimulate your child’s senses and foster both relaxation and curiosity.

These engaging and mesmerizing containers are magical vessels for your child, filled with colors, textures and wonders waiting to be discovered.

diy sensory bottles

As your child twists, turns, shakes and observes these enchanting bottles, they embark on a sensory adventure that promotes calmness, focus and hands-on learning.

Join us as we delve into the world of sensory play, where these bottles become windows into a universe of discovery and delight.

Sensory Bottle Calm Down Jars

Create your own sensory bottle calm down jars that are designed to bring tranquility to both children and adults.

Sensory Bottle Learning

Sensory bottles can be a wonderful educational outlet as well, incorporating learning with a sensory outlet.

Food-Themed Sensory Bottles

Food-themed sensory bottles transform ordinary ingredients into a feast for the eyes and a treat for the senses.

Seasonal Sensory Bottles

Hop into the world of sensory exploration with Easter and Spring Sensory Bottles — a delightful way to infuse the joy of the season into a mesmerizing experience for kids!

Holiday Sensory Bottles

Holiday-themed sensory bottles for kids are not just festive decorations — they’re enchanting containers filled with the spirit of the season!

What are Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles, also known as discovery bottles or calm-down bottles, are a popular tool for children’s sensory play.

These bottles are filled with various materials such as glitter, beads and water, and they offer a wide range of benefits for kids.

Sensory bottles can help children develop their visual tracking and motor skills, as they tilt and manipulate the bottle to explore its contents.

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They also provide a calming and soothing effect, helping children regulate their emotions and reducing stress and anxiety.

child holding ocean animal sensory bottle

Plus, sensory bottles can also be customized to fit a child’s individual needs and interests, making them a versatile and engaging tool for learning and play.

Creating a sensory bottle is simpler than you might imagine. Discover how to craft uncomplicated sensory bottles for your child in just a few minutes with these super simple sensory bottles.

What Are Sensory Bottles Good For

Sensory bottles are more than just captivating containers – they are powerful tools for hands-on learning and development. These engaging bottles provide a multisensory experience that contributes to various aspects of a child’s growth, including:

Sensory Development: Sensory bottles stimulate the senses, including sight, touch, and sometimes even sound. Exploring different textures, colors, and movements enhances a child’s sensory awareness.

Fine Motor Skills: Twisting, turning, and shaking sensory bottles require precise movements, promoting the development of fine motor skills. This is crucial for tasks like writing, buttoning, and tying shoes.

Focus and Concentration: The captivating nature of sensory bottles encourages children to concentrate on a single task. Focusing on the colors, shapes, or items inside the bottle enhances their ability to concentrate.

Cognitive Skills: Observing and manipulating the contents of a sensory bottle fosters cognitive development. Children can learn about cause and effect, patterns, and object permanence through these hands-on experiences.

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Emotional Regulation: Sensory play has a calming effect on many children. The rhythmic and repetitive actions of interacting with a sensory bottle can help regulate emotions and provide a soothing experience.

close up of sensory bottles

Language Development: Describing the contents of sensory bottles or discussing the colors and movements promotes language development. It encourages vocabulary expansion and expressive language skills.

Creativity and Imagination: Sensory bottles often spark creativity and imaginative play. Children may invent stories or scenarios based on the contents of the bottle, fostering creative thinking.

Self-Soothing: For some children, sensory bottles serve as self-soothing tools. The visual and tactile stimulation can be particularly helpful in calming anxiety or providing comfort.

Exploration of Concepts: Sensory bottles can be themed to explore specific concepts. Whether it’s the changing seasons, holidays, or scientific principles, these bottles offer a tangible way for children to explore abstract ideas.

Social Skills: When used in group settings, sensory bottles become a shared experience. Children can engage in collaborative play, sharing their observations and discoveries with peers.

magnetic sensory bottle

From enhancing motor skills to promoting emotional well-being, these simple containers offer a world of educational benefits through hands-on, sensory-rich play.

Common Sensory Bottle Liquid

A common liquid used in sensory bottles is water, providing a clear and accessible base for various sensory experiences.

To enhance the visual appeal and create a more dynamic movement of objects within the bottle, some folks choose to add clear glue or corn syrup to the water, resulting in a thicker solution.

You can use baby oil is to slow down the flow of objects, adding a mesmerizing quality to the sensory experience.

Alternatively, vegetable oil or a mixture of water and dish soap can be used for different viscosities and textures.

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Glycerin is another option, known for increasing the viscosity of the liquid. And you can use clear hair gel to provide a unique texture and slow the movement of objects.

Where to Buy Sensory Bottles

Don’t feel like making your own and wondering where to buy sensory bottles? Here are some of my personal favorites to introduce to your own baby or toddler.

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