DIY Sensory Board Book

I have to say, I see a lot of sensory ideas, but having your child participate in making their own DIY sensory board book is sheer brilliance!

Why hadn’t I thought of this before?!? It’s the perfect interactive book that you make yourself!

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DIY Sensory Board Book - Fun Craft Activity for Kids and Tactile Sensory Experience

Today, Lauren from Heart of Deborah is sharing how she creates these adorable DIY Sensory Board Books with her daughter. 

DIY Sensory Board Book

When my daughter was an infant she loved interactive children’s books, especially sensory board books.

She enjoyed scratching, touching and patting the hard, soft and fuzzy surfaces.

Last year, we personalized our favorite daddy and me book so I thought why not create our own DIY sensory board book?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a favorite in our house and our toddler loves reading it to our son. 

I created this sensory craft for toddlers and young children.  

After it is completed, children of all ages can enjoy touching and feeling the sensory board book.

What You Will Need:

Brown Bear Sensory Book 1

DIY Sensory Board Book Instructions

First we went to the craft store to get our sensory paper. 

My daughter loved helping me pick out the embossed paper, felt and corrugated paper.

Sensory Board Book Materials

We chose a variety of textures and colors.

Her favorite piece was a fuzzy felted scrapbook paper.

Then we came home and cut the paper into different shapes.

I had to help with this part since my daughter isn’t old enough to use sharp scissors yet.

If appropriate your child can have fun cutting different shapes.

Remember anything goes!

Creating DIY Brown Bear Sensory Book

Next, my daughter used the glue stick and to glue the different textured shapes on to the pages.

We love the UHU brand of glue.

We’ve found it creates the best permanent bond.

Creating a toddler sensory book

Don’t feel like you have to fill in each page completely.

Just pick different sections to turn into a sensory experience.

I’m so thrilled with how our pages turned out!

Felt sensory book

Now you are finished!

Our daughter loves reading this sensory board book to her brother each night before bed.

It’s a great sensory craft for toddlers and the best part is you can continue to use the end product over and over again.

Our son enjoys scratching at the different papers and rubbing his hands across the animals.

Making the DIY Brown Bear Sensory Book

Our family loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear, but you can use any children’s book your family adores.

It’s a fun way to jazz up your books and add a touch and feel component to your story time. 

What is your favorite children’s book?

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About Lauren: Lauren has a background in school psychology and recently became a stay at home mom. She loves empowering women to parent joyful, healthy, Godly children.

Come find support in motherhood, faith, fashion, relationships and more as Lauren journeys through life as a daughter, wife and mother. You can read more from her on Heart of Deborah.

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  1. I love this idea! I wish I had thought of it when my kids were little. I’m pinning!

  2. Brilliant! I love this – and your point about getting the littles involved in the creation of a sensory activity is so true. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be pinning this one!!
    -Ayelet from Strength In Words

  3. This is a super great idea! I think it’s good for any kid but it will really help my child with SPD. Pinning it!

  4. What a great idea!! My daughter loves sensory books too and I never even thought of adding our own pieces to some of the books we already have.

  5. This is an amazing idea! I am now hunting our own book collection to see which books I can turn into sensory boards! I have pinned this to the #ToddlerFunFriday board.

  6. Amazing article. Really a creative way of indulging kids in books and sensory play. Thanks a lot, will surely try these ideas.

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