Ultimate List of Sensory Bin Tools

When we talk about sensory bins, we’re often focused on what exactly goes into them — the Sensory Bin Fillers. But just as important for creative sensory play are the Sensory Bin Tools you give your child to play with.

Ultimate List of Sensory Bin Tools

Ultimate List of Sensory Bin Tools | The Jenny Evolution

When I talk about sensory bin tools, I don’t mean all of the extra stuff you put into the bin for fun. I’m talking about the tools your child will use to manipulate the objects in the bin itself.

How will your child sift the cornmeal, move about the dried beans or sort the candy? These tools are going to be a big part of helping them strengthen their fine motor skills (think gripping onto a spatula or managing a bowl) while also allowing your child to exercise their ingenuity in how they use those objects.

Just because we use a spoon one way doesn’t mean your child won’t come up with something different! This post contains affiliate links.

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As always, please use common sense in deciding whether your child is old enough to use these objects and if they need supervision.

This post is part of the Alphabet Sensory Activities series — sensory activities from A to Z!

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