Favorite Interactive Toddlers Board Books

Get your kids into books early with these 15 interactive toddlers board books that are perfect for toddlers and babies!

Babies and toddlers learn not just through reading but also experiencing items. Interactive books allow young children to explore their world and experience it through their sense of touch as well as their sense of sight and hearing when being read to.

These fun interactive books will allow your child to explore books and connect on a completely different level to them!

Be sure to check out these other children’s board books for toddlers and infants.

You can find these interactive toddlers board books at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Favorite Interactive Toddlers Board Books | Mommy Evolution

Why Board Books?

From simple stories with bright illustrations to interactive books with flaps and textures, board books are sure to capture your child’s attention and inspire their imagination.

  1. Our board book recommendations are perfect for children from infancy to 3-4 years old.
  2. They’re made of sturdy cardboard, so they can take a beating.
  3. They’re often shorter than typical children’s books – perfect for short attention spans.
  4. They’re filled with large words and vivid illustrations to keep your little one’s attention engaged.
Interactive Board Books

Interactive Reading for Toddlers

Reading doesn’t just have to be passive.

Get your kids engaged with reading with these fun interactive toddlers board books!


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    1. What a great collection – The Monster at the End of the Book was one of my favourites growing up – and many on your list were/still are favourites at our house with my kids now (Head to Toe and Where is Baby’s Bellybutton are two much loved ones!)

      I’ll certainly check out some of the other ones on the list.

    2. From Head to Toes is one of my absolute favorites! I read it regularly at my Signing Story Time program ; ) Kids that follow along have big smiles on their faces. Eric Carle is a genius when it comes to making reading fun for kids.

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