African American Toddler Books

This month I’m proud to be participating in Multicultural Kids Blog Black History Month with my recommended reading of African American Toddler Books.

Can you imagine growing up, never seeing yourself in the books that you read with your parents? Having a child see themselves represented in books is amazing! Don’t wait until they’re old enough to start reading — the time is now.

Be sure to check out even more age-appropriate Black History Month books about the African American experience.

You can find these African American toddler books at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

African American Toddler Books | Mommy Evolution #blackhistory #africanamerican #toddlerbooks

Toddler Books about African American Children

And honestly, even if you don’t have an African American child, it’s important that our children see others represented as having an important voice and experience.

African American toddler books can inspire young children to appreciate and respect different cultures, while also helping them build empathy and understanding.

This is the exact reason I have proudly participated in this hop for the past four years, including:


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    African American Toddler Books | Mommy Evolution #blackhistory

    Welcome to our fifth annual Black History Month Blog Hop, where together we explore the rich history and cultures of Africa and the African diaspora.

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