30+ Free Valentines Day Class Card Printables for Children

Every year we have to put together Valentines Day Class Valentines for the kids to give out to their class.

And ever year, my boys come home with the cutest cards from the classmates while we handed out the cardboard boxed kind.

This year is going to be different, darn it!

In an effort to find adorable Valentines that will make it look like you are a crafty goddess (because you are, right?) while putting in the minimal amount of time, I’ve pulled together more than 60 really cute FREE printable cards you can make yourself at home.

Be sure to check out these other fun Valentine activities and recipes.

30+ Free Valentine's Day Class Card Printables for Children


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    1. I really enjoyed these! I wanted to do something fun this year because its my sons last year in elementary school. I showed him all of these. His favorite was the whoopee cushion but he said that his teacher may not approve. LOL! He wants to do the pop rock one. Thanks for sharing!

      1. So glad to send a little inspiration your way. Let me know which ones you end up making, Caitlin. My son is thinking of doing an aquatic theme — so I have a feeling we’ll be creating the “School of fish” ones.

    2. How the heck do you download these to print? I clicked on the “link” and got a graphic with some scantily clothed “women.” What the heck? If you are offering free printables, why make it so difficult to get? And why links to inappropriate things?

      1. I have absolutely NO idea why you would get that… unless there’s an unwanted extension on your computer that is adding ads on top of my graphics. You should be able to click on the link and it will take you directly to the website that has that printable.

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