Star Wars Valentine Cards FREE Printable

Free Printable Star Wars Valentine Cards will win anyone over — even if they root for the dark side.

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Star Wars Valentine Cards FREE Printable

When Star Wars came out late 2015, my husband and I about died… The preview looked like everything a girl could dream for and more. This post contains affiliate links.

But there was no way my kids could go see the movie.

They just wouldn’t be able to handle the intensity of the film on the big screen.

I have a bunch of softies in my house, which is fine by me. I’d much rather be able to sleep for the next several months.

I’m actually quite surprised to hear how many parents took their kids to see the film and the kids did just fine. (Can you say — jealous?!?)

Not being able to see the movie hasn’t hindered my kiddos’ love affair with Star Wars characters, however.

They know all about the stories and are ridiculously familiar with the plot line thanks to LEGO Star Wars for Xbox.

My oldest even asked for BB-8 from Santa.

They also received Disney’s Infinity for Christmas.

Want to know one of the first characters they bought with their holiday money?

Why Kylo Ren of course! And if you didn’t think actor Adam Driver was hot before.. good grief he makes the dark side look pretty darn good. But I digress!

Download Free Printable Star Wars Valentine Cards

Free Printable Star Wars Valentine Cards | Mommy Evolution

The fact is, my kids are absolutely over the moon about Star Wars.

As we’re talking about what Valentine’s Day cards the kiddos are going to hand out at school this year, there’s a debate between Snoopy, How to Train Your Dragon and Star Wars. Do you think the dark side will win?

Either way, I’m having some fun here on Mommy Evolution and offering up some child-friendly Star Wars Valentine cards that won’t even spook my kids!

To download: Right click on the graphic below, save the link to your computer and print these Star Wars Valentine Cards out when you’re ready!

Star Wars Valentine Cards - FREE Printables! Perfect for school.

My youngest, Hbomb, would say that his favorite card is the one with R2D2, which has been his favorite character from the get go.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tell me which card is your personal favorite!

xo Jenny

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