How to Train Your Dragon Valentine Cards FREE Printables

Set your Valentine’s Day on fire with How to Train Your Dragon Valentine Cards! Print out these FREE printables and be a hit with the kids. This post contains affiliate links.

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How to Train Your Dragon Valentine Cards FREE Printables

I’ve revealed a lot about myself on this blog… but fasten your seat belts.

I have a confession.

I am a complete How to Train Your Dragon nut.

Astrid was even my Facebook profile picture for a number of months.



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And, while we’re just doing full discloser…. a part of me just wants to dress up like Astrid.

Sure, I’d say it was for Halloween or something.

But I just think she rules.

Do you think the townspeople would look at me funny?

When How to Train Your Dragon originally came out, it looked like a fun movie.

For my boys, they went wild. I’m talking full on dragon-loving wild.

Hiccup was the kid to be and Toothless was the pet to have.

And as the mom of boys, I saw the perfect opportunity to point out a strong female character that has a mind of her own, is physically strong and capable and is able to stand up for herself while doing everything with kindness.

Just the kind of woman I’m hoping my boys will find for themselves some day.


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Shortly after How to Train Your Dragon came out on DVD, my oldest was home sick with the flu for days.

I suggested we watch the movie… and we promptly watched it three times in a row while cuddling on the couch.

Parents, you know how your kid’s movies can send you over the edge.

But, as much as I hate to admit it, I really enjoyed the movie all three times.

Since then, we’ve completely swallowed the Kool Aid… from How to Train Your Dragon 2 to Dragons: Riders of Berk and Dragons: Defenders of Berk (did you know there’s a TV show!), we’re a full-on dragon family.


How to Train Your Dragon Valentine Cards FREE Printables | Mommy Evolution

So, if you didn’t pick up on it… my family loves How to Train Your Dragon.

So I’m offering you some FREE Printable How to Train Your Dragon Valentine Day cards.

Just print them out at home using card stock and hand them out when Valentine’s Day comes around.

But there are some other contenders this year for Valentine’s Day…. Peanuts Valentines featuring Snoopy as well as Star Wars Valentines.

I’m guessing Dragons will win…. no Snoopy… no Star Wars. Oh… maybe we’ll a mix of all of them.

To download: Right click on the graphic below, save the link to your computer and print these How to Train Your Dragon Valentine Cards out when you’re ready!


You know which one is my favorite… Astrid takes no prisoners!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Tell me which card is your personal favorite!

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    1. Oh my gosh these “How to Train your Dragon Cards are adorable” A million thank yous!!!! I was left with no time due to a big presentation at work the day before and I am soooooooo grateful!

    2. Thank you for sharing these. Your designs are so much cuter than the ones in the stores. My girls love How to Train Your Dragon too!

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