Free Printable Valentine Cards – Use 4 Different Ways!

Free Printable Valentine Cards will make Valentine’s Day even more happy in just a few minutes!

Be sure to check out these other fun Valentine activities and recipes.

4 Ways to Use FREE Printable Valentine Cards. You'll love these ideas!

Free Printable Valentine Cards – Use 4 Ways!

During Valentine’s Day, my husband and I look for ways to let our boys know how much we love them.

After all, they are our Valentines for the season 🙂

It can be tough to come up with fun ideas when we’re busy working and running around doing the daily grind.

That’s why I’m so excited to bring you these free printable valentine cards!

You can use them multiple ways to have fun during Valentine’s Day.

Decorate Your Child’s Door

One way to use these Mini Valentine Cards is to print them out and cut out the individual hearts.

When your child is sleeping, tape them to your kiddo’s door.

It will be a pleasant surprise early in the morning and reminds your child just how much you love him.

Create a Framed Valentine

We have a picture frame we keep in the kitchen.

Every season or major holiday, I love changing the subway art to reflect the time of year.

Why not print out these adorable mini Valentines and display them in your home?

Add Some School Lunch Fun

My boys love getting little notes from me while they’re at school.

It lets them know I’m thinking of them when we’re not together. It’s amazing how important that is to my kids even though they’re older.

Just a sweet little notes brings a serious smile to their faces.

Print out the mini Valentine cards, cut them up and stick on in their lunch.

Or add one to their snack.

Oprah always said,”Love is in the details.” I think she was on to something.

Create a Kid Craft

You could easily turn the individual mini Valentines into a craft!

I’m tempted to string them along and create some garland for each child’s room.

Give to Friends

Of course, you could use these as a terrific addition to your child’s school Valentines.

Print these on heavier card stock, then tape an individual Valentine to a box of real candy hearts!

Download Your FREE Printable Mini Valentine Cards

To download: Right click on the graphic below, save the link to your computer and print your printable mini valentine cards out when you’re ready!

Mini Valentine Cards

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Do you use Conversational Hearts in your decorations or celebrations? How do you use them?

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