Ultimate Middle School Book List

This middle school book list is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, but they all share a common goal of captivating and inspiring young readers.

Middle school can be a challenging time for many students as they navigate their way through new experiences, academic pressures and personal growth.

Reading is a powerful tool that can help students develop critical thinking, empathy and creativity.

From adventure and fantasy to history and social issues, there is something for everyone on this list.

Whether students are reading for pleasure or for school assignments, these middle school book list is designed to help them discover new worlds, learn about different cultures and perspectives, and explore their own identity.

Ultimate Middle School Book List

When my oldest moved on to more serious reading, I really had to up my game! But it has opened my eyes to a whole new genre of reading that I am personally enjoying.

We actually first started some of these books in elementary school when I would read them out loud at night to the kiddos (and I still do!)

Ultimate Middle School Book List:

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