Books About Empathy for Middle School

Want tweens who know how to treat others? Share these Middle School Books About Empathy with your own children.

Whether they are about overcoming obstacles, dealing with loss or celebrating differences, these books can help children develop the emotional skills they need to become empathetic and caring individuals.

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You can find these middle school books to help teach empathy at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Middle School Books about Empathy | Mommy Evolution #reading #middleschool

With one boy already in middle school and another one joining next year, I do worry about raising kids who will show empathy for their fellow classmates.

Books are a powerful tool to teach children empathy and emotional intelligence.

When children read stories that depict different perspectives and experiences, they learn to put themselves in other people’s shoes and appreciate the diversity of the world around them.

Books About Empathy for Middle School


Middle School Books about Empathy

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