Paper Plate Turkey Hand Craft for Toddlers

Paper Plate Turkey Hand Crafts are a timeless November craft that seems to be a right of passage for many kids for a reason! They’re easy to make, allow kids to express themselves and look adorable on the fridge.

Whether you cook a turkey for Thanksgiving or not, chances are you’re going to want to do this turkey craft with your toddler.

To be honest, I’m planning on doing this craft even with my elementary-aged kiddos.

They love working with their hands.

And with all of the cutting, there’s tons of scissor skills and fine motor practice. This post contains affiliate links.

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Fun Paper Plate Turkey Hand Craft for Toddlers (but I'm still doing it with my older kids) | Mommy Evolution

Paper Plate Turkey Hand Craft for Toddlers



Instructions for paper plate turkey:

Step 1: Paint the back side of the plate brown.

Step 2: While the paint dries, trace your hands onto construction paper 3-4 times.

We used orange, red, and green, but feel free to use any colors you would like.

Step 3: Carefully cut out each hand print.

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, glue the hands onto the back side edges of the plate.

Step 5: Glue on the eyes or buttons. Cut out a small triangle shape for the beak and glue into place.

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