Easy Candy Corn Turkey Cookies

Bring your child in on the fun with some these easy Candy Corn Turkey Cookies and craft with food rather than paper supplies.

Kids love to feel like they’re cooking in the kitchen.

And trust me, you’re probably wondering what on earth to do with the kids while you’re fussing with the turkey!

Let them get hands on and make these fun candy corn turkey cookies. This post contains affiliate links.

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DIY Oreo Candy Corn Turkey Cookies | Mommy Evolution

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I love getting my kids involved.

I’m always looking for something fun or a little bit out of the ordinary.

Which is why I love these candy corn turkey cookies.

Personally I found it tough not to snack on the candy corn while making these fun items.

A couple of years ago I was responsible for the kids’ activity in my child’s elementary classroom.

And guess what!

This project was an absolute hit with the kids.

And why wouldn’t it be?

Cute. Fun to put together.

And the best part?

You can to eat it!

And even better, when you’re done, let the kids come up with new creations as well.

You can even display them for Thanksgiving and then chow down on them after.

Easy Candy Corn Turkey Cookies

Materials for candy corn turkey cookies:

  • Double-Stuf Oreos
  • White frosting
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Candy eyes
  • Candy corn


Grab an Oreo.

Break a pretzel stick in half and carefully push the sticks inside the cookie to form the legs.

Do the same with 5 candy corns up top to form the feathers.

Use 3 small dollops of icing on the top of the cookie and add the candy eyes and a candy corn for a nose.

Note: If you don’t have candy eyes, do a dollop of white frosting with a black icing dot in the middle.

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