200 Free Summer Activities for Kids

Ever feel like everything costs money? Last summer I started to come up with free summertime activities that I could do with my own kiddos.

There’s no reason to break the bank just because the kids are home for the summer. You already have the basic materials at home to make this a memorable summer without killing your wallet.

This year, I’m blowing out my list to include 200 FREE summer activities you can do with the kids to keep you all busy and having fun!

If your kids say they’re bored, it won’t be because you didn’t try.

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200 FREE Summer Activities for Kids

200 FREE Summer Activities for Kids
  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Walk around your local farmer’s market
  3. Play with volleyball
  4. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  5. Get new free ebooks
  6. Host a toy swap
  7. Run through the sprinkler
  8. Visit local nature preserve
  9. Find figures in the clouds
  10. Play in the kiddie pool
  11. Find local free museum days
  12. Take a hike
  13. Make mud pies
  14. Water the plants
  15. Make paper dolls
  16. Start a nature journal
  17. Set up your tent and have a camp out in the backyard
  18. Take a family bike ride
  19. Make a origami fortune teller paper game
  20. Make s’mores
  21. Visit the local pool
  22. Watch a high school baseball game
  23. Wash/vacuum out the car
  24. Play restaurant. Have the kids “make” lunch
  25. Play in the rain/mud
  26. Go on a scavenger hunt
  27. Have a PJ day
  28. Search for animal tracks
  29. Make your own Mad Libs
  30. Host a movie marathon on a rainy day
  31. Fly a kite
  32. Plant a garden (or anything)
  33. Play beach volleyball
  34. Make a craft from Pinterest
  35. Create an online photo book
  36. Pick flowers
  37. Teach your kids to cook
  38. Eat dinner outside
  39. Have a yard sale
  40. Go fishing
  41. Have a building challenge (use ALL the Lincoln logs)
  42. Go camping
  43. Build a Lego castle
  44. Play in the sand
  45. Watch the sun set
  46. Play cards
  47. Try a new recipe
  48. Tell ghost stories
  49. Create a kid art gallery
  50. Visit the grandparents
  51. Kick the soccer ball
  52. Play dress up
  53. Go for a scenic drive
  54. Visit the local fire station
  55. Swing. Get really high and jump out
  56. Lay in the grass
  57. Create an obstacle course
  58. Participate in story time at book store
  59. Catch fireflies (or butterflies)
  60. Read a chapter book aloud. Do 20 minutes a day
  61. Rent video games from the library
  62. Put on a skit
  63. Find a local water play park
  64. Earn a free book
  65. Make popsicles
  66. Melt crayons or ice in the sun
  67. Have a water fight
  68. Learn origami
  69. Donate old books and toys
  70. Write poems
  71. Play rock paper scissors
  72. Play I spy
  73. Try out geocaching
  74. See who can spit a watermelon seed farthest
  75. Create a relay race
  76. Watch a parade
  77. Play Simon Says
  78. Have a sleepover
  79. Make your own book
  80. Create a chore chart
  81. Go to Apple Camp for older kids
  82. Take pictures
  83. Play catch
  84. Learn about different countries
  85. Have a book exchange
  86. Have a pillow fight
  87. Make up each other’s hair
  88. Take a free American Girls summer class
  89. Skip rocks
  90. Craft your own musical instruments
  91. Find figures in the clouds
  92. Learn Frisbee golf
  93. Create a memory jar
  94. Play kick ball (make up your own rules)
  95. Attend a free children’s workshop at Lowe’s, Home Depot or Michael’s
  96. Swing in a hammock
  97. Build a campfire
  98. Make a backyard aqueduct
  99. Organize a Summer Camp exchange with other parents
  100. Nap
  101. Put on a fashion show
  102. Play hide and go seek (or sardines)
  103. Create racing tracks out of old paper towel rolls
  104. Set up play dates at different local parks
  105. Visit a lake or river
  106. Find a penpal
  107. Take a break with free online storytime
  108. Make paper boats; sail them down a stream
  109. Learn about your family’s history
  110. Create a simple scrapbook
  111. Visit historical landmarks
  112. Try the Microsoft YouthSpark Summer Camp for older kids
  113. Freeze things in ice then break them out
  114. Learn how to juggle
  115. Make a treasure hunt with clues
  116. Create sensory bins
  117. Attend local free evening concerts
  118. Build sand castles
  119. Visit on free entrance days in National Parks
  120. Read stories to each other
  121. Build an outdoor fort
  122. Play name that tune
  123. Make a map of your neighborhood
  124. Make your own maze or puzzle
  125. Play kick the can
  126. Learn a new dance via YouTube
  127. Visit your library
  128. Stage a “war” between action figures
  129. Pick wildflowers
  130. Recreate famous artwork
  131. Check out the local parks, one by one
  132. Play tag
  133. Visit the pet store
  134. Collect bugs
  135. Play 20 questions
  136. Create your own trivia game
  137. Paint your nails
  138. Visit a boardwalk
  139. Create a backyard obstacle course
  140. Go on a nature hunt
  141. Play on kid-friendly websites like PBS Kids
  142. Create your own stand-up jokes
  143. Do a science experiment
  144. Paint rocks
  145. Roll down a sledding hill
  146. Locate free art programs through regional museums
  147. Learn to throw a frisbee
  148. Make paper airplanes
  149. Host boardgame night
  150. Find worms after it rains
  151. Color using free online coloring pages
  152. Photo scavenger hunt
  153. Feed the ducks
  154. Identify the night sounds you hear
  155. Have a wheelbarrow race
  156. Make shadow puppets with flashlights
  157. Play charades
  158. Thumb wrestle
  159. Watch birds
  160. Go bowling
  161. Take in a free movie under the stars through local programs
  162. Host a neighborhood baseball game in your yard
  163. Learn to jump rope
  164. Take pictures of outside nature
  165. Watch fireworks
  166. Attend a local dog show
  167. Create a dandelion chain necklace
  168. Play freeze tag
  169. Use cardboard boxes to create a dollhouse/playhouse
  170. Attend Bass Pro Shops free Family Summer Camp
  171. Create a board game night
  172. Find free tours at local food factories
  173. Learn a magic trick
  174. Visit other town’s libraries
  175. Use Bank Of America Museums On Us program
  176. Practice tying knots
  177. Get the binoculars out
  178. Dance
  179. Visit Pottery Barn’s free summer activities
  180. Play hopscotch
  181. Build a marble run using household objects
  182. Make your own movie
  183. Stargaze
  184. Have a “Frozen” sing along
  185. Create art projects using “found” objects
  186. Put on a puppet show
  187. Climb trees
  188. Dry flowers
  189. Draw a self portrait
  190. Check out Target’s free community events
  191. Visit the dog park (even if you don’t have a dog)
  192. Rent a movie from your library
  193. Jump in puddles
  194. Make pasta or cereal jewelry
  195. Play one of your favorite childhood movies for the kids
  196. Host your own “American Idol
  197. Take a nature walk at night
  198. Play Red Light Green Light
  199. Race to pick up toys
  200. Volunteer!

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    1. Totally AWESOME list! My daughter went to Apple Camp last year and really loved it. And we always love the Bass Pro summer camps plus the cool crafts at Michael’s. Can’t wait for summer – yea!

      1. I’m so excited for summer, too. My boys aren’t quite old enough for Apple Camp. But when they are… I am definitely signing them up!

    2. this is really a great list, will be doing some of these, every summer i’m completely going crazy trying to figure out what to do with the kids. especially now that they are older and get bored easy.


      1. Keep it bookmarked! I’ve actually printed it out, cut up the options and placed them in a box. If they ever say one of them are bored…. they’re pulling out a piece of paper to do that afternoon!

    3. Very comprehensive list! Excellent ideas and suggestions — We are doing some of them already. I posted something about this issue few days ago, although my list only included 20 items.

      I love your post!

      1. I actually started this list a couple of years ago for me… but then branched it out. Definitely print it! I do… and then we highlight the things we absolutely MUST do for the summer 😀

    4. Thanks for a great list of Free activities. You put great work into making it from 60 to 200. Pinning! Thanks for sharing with us a the Home Matters linky party. We hope you join us again!

    5. Great ideas! I was just saying that I wanted to have a schedule of activities throughout the weeks of the summer, because just like them I get lazy during the summer too! Thanks for the ideas!

    6. These ideas are awesome!! I feel like if my children are bored they forget how to behave. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty I hope you will join us again this week!!

    7. I love lists like this – even though I don;t have a youngster, I always find some ideas for things I haven’t done in a while – or maybe ever!

      Thanks for bringing it by Throwback Thursday!


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