Even More Children’s Books on Women… Amazing Women!

Oh I know I’ve already put together a couple of lists of amazing books on women… but I just can’t stop myself!

Seriously, there are just too many real, fierce, inspiring, world-changing women out there! And I love that children’s authors have focused on these amazing people. I love reading these books with my boys… it’s another way to each them to love wonderful women!

Be sure to out these other children’s books about women – perfect for kids of all ages.

You can find these books on women at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

children's books about women

Stories about True Women for Kids

As the mom of boys, I want to make sure my kids know that women do amazing things – just like men.

So when they were little, I started searching out true stories about women who made an impact and broke boundaries.

They ate these books up! 

These books on women are wonderful stories in and of themselves – let alone showing the power of a woman.

books on women


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