Easter Bunny Sandwiches: Fun Food for Kids!

Here’s a quick and healthy Easter lunch the kids will love. Plus, these Easter bunny sandwiches are easy to make — even better!

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Easter Bunny Sandwiches: Fun Food for Kids! | Mommy Evolution

Simply cut out a piece of bread into a round shape, using a cookie cutter.

Slice your vegetables to prepare the face including:

  • Two cucumber slices, cut crosswise on an angle, so they look like ears
  • 4 thin celery slices to form the whiskers
  • 1 cherry tomato, cut in half for the nose
  • Radish and olive slices for the eyes
  • Peel thin strings off a parsley stem to form the mouth

Once your ingredients are ready, you can fry your egg.

Heat a lightly oiled frying pan over medium heat.

Place a metal circle cookie cutter on the frying pan to make the round egg shape and crack an egg in.

Cover with a lid until yolk is cooked to desired doneness and season with salt and pepper.

Place the egg on the bread and assemble the other ingredients to form the face.

Voila! Watch the fun as your kids devour these Easter Bunny sandwiches.


  1. These look adorable and yummy!

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