DIY Spring Sensory Bottles

These DIY Spring Sensory Bottles are easy to make but allow for loads of sensory input.

Sensory bottles are a wonderful way for children to explore their world through their senses.

From sound to sight, these simple spring sensory bottles are a fun sensory experience for your kiddo. This post contains affiliate links.

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DIY Spring Sensory Bottles | Mommy Evolution

DIY Spring Sensory Bottles

Materials you’ll need:

Yes, that’s really all you need!

DIY Spring Sensory Bottles | Mommy Evolution

Instructions for DIY Spring Sensory Bottles:

Step 1: Wash your water bottle

Step 2: Remove the labels. (Goo Gone is awesome for getting rid of labels!)

Step 3: Fill a small amount with rice. Add some of the spring buttons.

Repeat until you get close to the top.

Step 4: Be sure to leave some room in the bottle so the rice and beads can move above the bottle easily.

Step 5: Super glue top on. (Some people prefer to glue gun the bottle closed.)

Have fun!

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    DIY Spring Sensory Bottles | Mommy Evolution

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    1. I love these but honestly didn’t really know what to use for the tubes. I know exactly where to buy the Voss water and I think I’ll pick up a few of those. I’ll just make sure those always get played with on the carpet.

      1. Stacey — The Voss water comes in plastic, too! That’s what we use for the kids. I’d never give them glass to play with. Just look for them in the water aisle. I’m sure your grocery store has them.

    2. I have many sensory bottles I’ve made in my classroom. One favorite for the hyperactive child that needs a little bit more calming down is the VOSS bottle with clear shampoo and marbles in it. Something about watching the marbles really calms the spirit. We also use pipe cleaners cut up with a magnet on the side to move them up and down. Love your idea!

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