Spring Sensory Activities

The Spring Sensory Series is a series of spring sensory activities, crafts and ideas you can do with your kids.

I encourage you to follow us all spring and visit this Sensory Spring landing page to get the latest sensory fun for your kiddos.

Every week there will be a NEW sensory activity. Be sure to bookmark or Pin this Post to find it easily!

Want more sensory ideas? Be sure to check out our other fun sensory activities for kids!

Spring Sensory Fun Activities | Mommy Evolution

Why host a series of sensory activities you can do all spring?

Because after the long winter, it’s time to wake up those senses to new experiences! 

Whether you use this series to help build your child’s sensory system or to help fulfill your child’s sensory diet due to Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism, you’ll find fun and easy sensory activities you can easily do at home.

Spring Sensory Activities for Kids

Spring Sensory Activities

This post is part of a new sensory series hosted by Mommy Evolution in partnership with The Sensory Spectrum. After this spring series is complete, watch for more creative sensory series from fabulous bloggers on Mommy Evolution, including our Fall Sensory and Summer Sensory Series!

And while you’re working on your child’s sensory systems, you’ll probably want to find some great toys that keep on building those sensory systems!

I’ve pulled together a complete guide to toys to help you find the best ones for your child, including Gross motor, fine motor, vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, visual and oral.

Sensory Products for Kids!

Ultimate Guide to Sensory Toys and Products for Kids | The Jenny Evolution