Rainbow Crafts and Activities

Spring is the air, so it’s time to bring out the rainbow crafts and activities!

From Spring showers to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, there’s just something about rainbows that lifts your spirits.

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rainbow colored pencils

Adorable Rainbow Books

Enjoy these Rainbow Books that are perfect once your kids are done playing!

How the Crayons Saved the RainbowHow the Crayons Saved the RainbowThe World Made a RainbowThe World Made a RainbowHappiness Is a Rainbow (Books of Kindness)Happiness Is a Rainbow (Books of Kindness)Happy RainbowHappy Rainbow


Planting a RainbowPlanting a RainbowWhat Makes a Rainbow?: A Magic Ribbon BookWhat Makes a Rainbow?: A Magic Ribbon BookI Can Eat a RainbowI Can Eat a RainbowA Rainbow of My OwnA Rainbow of My Own


It’s the perfect way to tie in learning about colors to your fun activities!

Extra Rainbow Ideas!

First, don't miss these printable rainbow ideas to do at home or for your classroom!

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Rainbow Activities and Crafts

Rainbow Crafts and Activities

Rainbow Crafts and Activities

The snow is slowly melting outside my window, making me think of Spring.

Perhaps if I see a patch of grass I can consider it an official change of the season.

With that in mind, it’s time to embrace rainbows.

Even if I can’t see them through the gray skies, I know they’re waiting!

Rainbow Crafts and Activities

And be sure to check out these Rainbow Sensory Activities!

More Rainbow Fun

Don't let the fun and learning stop here!

Enjoy these additional engaging rainbow activities with your kiddos!

Rainbow Crafts and Activities


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