Tips to Speed Clean Your Home

Anyone who has ever cleaned a home knows it takes time and energy. You can greatly reduce how long it takes to clean by following these tips to speed clean your home.

Find more sanity saving home tips to help make your house run more smoothly.

this house was clean yesterday - we're sorry you missed it

Tips to Speed Clean Your Home

While you’re using these speed cleaning tips, learn how to clean like a boss!

Play upbeat music.

Music can do so much to give you the energy you need to clean.

The music should be upbeat, full of energy and songs that you enjoy.

The faster the beat, the quicker you will move.

Before you know it, you will be finished cleaning in one room and moving onto the next.

cleaning supply bottles, wipes, etc.

Keep your supplies within easy reach.

Gather your cleaning supplies before you begin cleaning.

Create a basket or caddy to hold everything and carry it from room to room.

You can also keep a caddy or basket with cleaning supplies in each room.

This way you will have what you need when you need them, and you will not have to go looking for them.

kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies with wooden brush

Start with the room that you like least to start speed cleaning.

Many people have a tendency to clean their least favorite room last.

Unfortunately, this could lead you to procrastinate so you never have to clean it.

If you clean your least favorite room first, you will have the dreaded task completed and will be encouraged to move forward.

yellow cleaning gloves hanging to dry

You don’t have to speed clean everything.

If something truly does not need to be cleaned, do not spend the time to clean it.

You may not use every room in your home; so if your guest room looks clean, do not clean it again.

Focus on the things that truly need to be cleaned.

Also, don’t think twice about getting your children involved in helping clean.

dishes in dishwasher

Clean messes as you see them.

Even if it is not a scheduled cleaning day, clean up any mess you may see.

Encourage your family to help in this regard.

If there are dishes in the living room, ask someone to take them with them on their trip to the kitchen.

If something was splattered while cooking, grab the sponge and clean it up before it hardens and makes it more difficult to clean in the future.

yellow sponge with suds on pan

Clean from top to bottom to speed clean.

Start at the top of the room and work downward.

Clean the upper cabinet doors, then the countertop and finally the front of the lower cabinet doors.

When cleaning the refrigerator doors, start at the top and move down.

When you are finished cleaning the front of the appliances, you can easily mop up any water that may have dripped.

yellow gloves rinsing off sponge with water

Be sure to put your cleaning supplies away.

If you have a basket or caddy for each room, you will want to place it in the closet or out of the way.

By putting things where they belong, you know where to find them the next time you need them.

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