Clean Like a Boss: Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Cleaning is a part of life… but there’s no reason you should have to spend your whole day doing it. Use these top cleaning tips from the pros to clean like a boss as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Find more sanity saving home tips to help make your house run more smoothly.

Clean Like a Boss: Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Cleaning Tips from the Pros: How to Clean Like a Boss

I hate cleaning. Seriously. There is nothing I dislike more than having to clean. But it’s a part of life. Rather than wasting time cleaning, I like to get down to business and get it done

Do not make cleaning an all-day, every weekend type of event.

Set aside a specific time each day for household tasks to be done. Create a schedule of tasks that can be accomplished during this time and get everyone to help. Yes, the majority of the cleaning may fall on your plate, but that doesn’t mean the family can’t pitch in.

Let the family know that if everyone helps keep the house clean, there will be more time for fun activities as a family. Having a chart of what needs to be done and who is responsible to do it will let the family know what is expected of them and when.

Wear comfortable clothes you will not mind if they get dirty or stained.

Obviously, you do not want to clean in your best clothing. It may help to have a specific pair of jeans, sweatpants and tops to go with it as your cleaning uniform. I actually have an old pink pair of tennis shoes that I wear…. I don’t care what happens to them and they kind of get me in the cleaning mood.

Stay focused on the task at hand.

When you get started, do not stop to check your email or watch television. Instead, ignore distractions until you are finished with what you want to accomplish.

Use a specific order when cleaning.

Start at the top and move to the bottom. Start from one side and move to the other. Clean everything in the path that you have chosen and then out the door of the room.

Close the blinds when you clean them.

Start from the top using an old dryer sheet and wipe it down. Not only will this clean the blinds, it will add an antistatic barrier that will keep the dust from settling back onto them.

Leave paper towels on the holder when it comes time to clean your windows and mirrors.

You can use crumpled up newspaper, but what do you do when you do not have newspaper available? If you drink coffee, you can use coffee filters. They will not streak or leave lint on either surface.

The Best Professional Cleaning Tips

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has saved many professionals.

This tool can reduce your cleaning time for various surfaces. Whether you are cleaning the sink, countertop, handprints off the walls or the bathtub, this eraser will do the trick. You can often find a coupon for these in the weekly newspaper. When you use a coupon, the cost is minimal for a tool that does so much.

Personally, I use them to get the grime off of all of our banisters. Ew!

Don’t forget the vinegar.

Do you have musty odors in your bathroom? Rather than using a perfume-y air freshener, combine vinegar with water. It will deodorize the room when you spray it in the shower after you are finished.

If you really like a fresh scent in your house, don’t rely on chemicals. I highly recommend using natural essential oils, which will add an uplifting feeling to your house without adding toxic substances to your home’s surfaces.

Add Bar Keeper’s Friend to the mix.

Another product you may want to invest in is Bar Keeper’s Friend. Professionals use this product on many surfaces. Use it for counters, porcelain, stove tops and more.


  1. Microfiber cloths are definitely my favorite. Did you know they pick up greasy grime using only water? I don’t use window cleaner anymore. I use a microfiber cloth that Costco sells for washing your car, to do the cleaning (because they are cheap and really fluffy), and then follow up with a flat weave microfiber cloth to dry the glass, streak-free. In fact, I keep a cloth in the bathroom and use in on the mirrors when I get out of the shower and they are fogged up. All clean! I have a microfiber dusting mitt that I once used to dust the inside of my car and then used it and a garden hose to wash the outside of my car. No soap. Came out great.

    To repel spiders, wipe a little bit of peppermint essential oil around. Other oils are antifungal and/ or antimicrobial. Orange oil is great for cutting grease.

    1. Love the extra tips! Thanks for sharing. I’m in love with Young Living’s Thieves essential oil as well as Purification (for odors).

  2. Lots of great tips here. Couldn’t live without my magic eraser and my microfiber clothes. I use both for everything. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  3. Those tips are extremely helpful! My parents will visit me shortly and I want my home to be brilliantly clean. Thanks for sharing

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