5 Tips To Get Your Children to Help Clean The House

It doesn’t matter if you think your kids are too young to help out… there’s always a way you can have your children help clean the house.

Some days I look at my house and it feels like a bomb has gone off… particularly the bathrooms.

That’s what happens with when you live with three boys.

That doesn’t mean I don’t rope the kids into helping clean the house.

Oh no! My boys are experts at helping out, including cleaning the toilets. (Truth!)

Professional cleaner Patricia J. Cornwell, who runs her own service, is sharing her insight to getting your kids to start helping clean the house, no matter their age!

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5 Tips To Get Your Children to Help Clean The House | Mommy Evolution

5 Tips To Get Your Children to Help Clean The House

Finding  the right way in which to involve the kids into the household chores is not an easy task and many parents meet difficulties when they want to teach the kids how to be supportive and help them with the basic cleaning tasks.

Kids are normally reluctant to take up with the cleaning but you shouldn’t give up so easily.

There are some tricky ways in which to manage with this task; however, you need to be patient and find your way towards the kids.

Children are always distracted by diverse activities and it seems difficult to teach them to clean their rooms on a regular basis.

Trying out a chore stick system in our house for the kid. The men folk in my house need a "list" to see that things need to be done around here.

Today, I’m sharing some great tips that will effectively involve the kids into the basic chores.

Remember, kids will need your support which means that you should praise them for their efforts.

Here are some great ideas to consider when you teach the kids how to apply the basic cleaning tasks.

Make a Family Schedule

If you want to make the kids realize that they also should take part in cleaning it will be a great idea to create a family schedule and to distribute the tasks among all the family members.

Make a list of all the cleaning tasks that need to be done during the week and decide which of them will be suitable for the kids.

Choose simpler tasks in the beginning and make sure that you explain each step of the cleaning.

This way kids will easily get used to the idea that they also need to provide certain cleaning tasks.

Give Them Simpler Tasks

Kids may be enthusiastic about trying new cleaning tasks; however, if the chores turn out to be too complicated for them, they will discourage easily and will refuse to be involved the next time.

When you give them the task for  the first time, make sure that you have suitable cleaning equipment and that you check the process of cleaning from time to time.

Let Them Feel Independent

When kids feel independent and confident enough in their skills they will be more efficient in the cleaning that they provide.

If the kid knows that you trust him, then he or she will make a lot of efforts to manage with the cleaning task in a perfect way.  

Being independent is very important for every kid because children usually want to prove to their parents that they can deal with every challenge.

Helping Clean

Be An Example For Your Kids

This is one very important moment to consider when you want to involve the kids in the common cleaning tasks.

Being a good example is as important as the other tips.

Kids will observe every step that you make and will immediately notice if everyone does not help out with cleaning your home (including dad).

Do not underestimate this moment and encourage the kids to clean the home with you more often.

This way they will quickly get used to the idea that every member of the family should take up with several tasks.

Praise Them For Their Efforts

It is clear that kids won’t be able to perfectly clean at the beginning.

For that reason, you need to be supportive and not miss the chance to praise them for their efforts.

This way they will know that you appreciate their willingness.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you will easily involve the kids in the cleaning tasks, making your family a cleaning team!

The article is kindly contributed by Patricia J. Cornwell who runs Move Out Cleaning Earls Court.

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  1. Thank you for this post. It’s quite helpful and the advises are great. My kids are old enough to help with the house cleaning and I’m recently trying to make some kind of schedule for the whole family. As a professional cleaner I’ve made my own cleaning routine during last few years, but I can’t clean the entire house by myself because I don’t have enough time. So your suggestions seem to work great for me in this situation. Greets, Julia from http://cleaners-hampstead.org/ 🙂

    1. I’m definitely working on getting my kids to help out a lot more around the house…. they are becoming pros at cleaning the toilets!

      1. Julia Newcomb says:

        Nice 🙂 I hope that will achieve at least a small part of your success. Like reading from you 🙂

  2. Everything you wrote is true but in the end they are kids. They love to play different games. I’ve learned, that the best way to teach your kid to regularly clean, is to make it look like a game. It’s really fun when the whole family participate.

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