Stained Glass Clover Craft for Kids

This stained glass clover craft is simple enough for preschoolers to do with adult help and delightful enough for older kids as well.

We’re always on the search for adorable crafts to do around the holidays and this stained glass clover craft for kids definitely fits the bill!

This is just the kind of craft that will make it onto your refrigerator and stay for years.

Happy crafting!

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Stained Glass Clover Craft for Kids


Stained Glass Clover Craft for Kids


Clover Craft Materials

Directions for Clover Craft

1. Cut your clover out about a 1/4″ inch bigger than the black line.

Clover Outline Stencil

2. Set your clover onto your black paper and trace with a pencil.

Clover Ready for Decorating

3. Now cut your stencil a little smaller than the black line.

4. Place your clover into the black clover, trace just the four leaves and cut out the inner part of your clover (no need to cut out anything from the stem).

Clover Outline

5. Lay out a clear unwrapped piece of contact paper with the sticky side up.

6. Begin sticking your tissue paper squares onto the clover until it’s covered.

Stained Glass Process

7. Once it’s covered, place another piece of clear contact paper sticky side down onto your clover.

Contact Paper Clover Craft

8. Press down onto your clover to make sure it’s sealed up.

9. Now cut your clover out.

clover final square

10. Place a small piece of tape on the back and hang onto your window.

Stained Glass Clover Final

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    1. Great idea! I’ve been wondering what to decorate our big front window with since our snowflakes are looking kinda sad, but it’s not quite spring. I like doing these with my 4 year old. 🙂 Thanks for sharing on the Family Joy link up.

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