75 Egg-cellent Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers

Avoid the sugar coma and meltdowns this Easter with these egg-cellent non candy Easter egg fillers… perfect for your Easter egg hunt or Easter basket.

With Easter just around the corner, many families are starting to plan their annual egg hunts.

While candy-filled eggs are a classic choice, they’re not always the healthiest or most inclusive option for all children.

Fortunately, there are plenty of non-candy Easter egg fillers that can be just as fun and exciting.

From small toys and trinkets to puzzles and stickers, these egg fillers offer a range of options for children of all ages and interests.

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Come on… Who needs all of that extra sugar?

And for parents with children with food allergies or diabetes it can be that much more difficult.

This Easter, leave the sweets behind and fill up those colorful plastic eggs with non candy Easter egg treats for your kids.

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75 Egg-Cellent Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers - Perfect for filling Easter baskets with no food! | Mommy Evolution


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Of course, don’t forget the Easter eggs. We love these decorated plastic Easter Eggs and have used them over and over. Plus this grass filling.

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    75 Egg-Cellent Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers - Perfect for filling Easter baskets with no food! | Mommy Evolution

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    1. Great ideas!!! We have a kiddo that gets a little overwhelmed with too much candy so I appreciate this. It was also perfect for the theme I’m doing on my page. Shared this for other people to benefit from too. 🙂

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