How to Exercise With Your Toddler

Instead of trying to figure out how to keep your toddler occupied and how you can squeeze in some time to work out, why not exercise with your toddler? 

For many moms with a busy schedule, working out is probably the last thing on your mind.

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mom tossing child up in to the air

When it comes to completing your daily mommy duties, you’ve got no energy left — especially with toddlers who are curious about everything around them.

If you take your eyes off of them for just a minute, they’re sure to have those little hands on something new.

So bring them into your activity to keep them busy as well!

6 tips for working out when you have a toddler

How to Exercise With Your Toddler

Here are some exercise ideas you can do with your little one so you won’t miss a beat but can still break a sweat. 

exercise with your toddler - go running around outside

1. Running

If you have an active little one on your hands, you may already be familiar with this exericse.

Running is the perfect workout to put those little legs to use.

If your home safely allows, you can run around the house playing a game of chase or try going for a run outside to add a bit more excitement – almost like you’re taking them on an adventure. 

Before you leave the house make sure you have on the right workout gear.

Once you grab your workout shoes and other necessities, line up some shoes for your toddler to choose from for the run.

Allowing them to pick their shoes each time you workout can be an element they began to look forward to.

When you’re outside, try playing a game of tag, red light green light, or hide and seek to keep things fun. 

father son doing sit ups together

2. Sit-Ups

Now, this is a fun one!

Another activity to get your toddler involved with your workouts is by having them sit on your stomach while doing sit-ups.

Add a dash of fun each time you sit up like tickling your toddler’s tummy or playing a game of peek-a-boo.

If your toddler is able, have them mimic the sit ups instead. 

Yoga Downward Dog Pose for Kids

3. Yoga 

By the looks of it, who would’ve known you could have your toddler join in on your daily yoga routine.

Creating a kid-friendly yoga workout is a great way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of the day or right before naptime.

While yoga may not be the first workout you think of for your kiddo, many kid-friendly poses can be incorporated — like the happy baby, butterfly and child’s pose. 

exercise with your toddler - do yoga with them - a perfect activity for toddlers!

The happy baby pose is a position that involves you and your toddler lying on your back, bending your knees into your belly, and gripping your feet.

Next, the butterfly pose is where you bring your heels together making a diamond shape with your legs.

Lastly, the child’s pose is a gentle stretch forward while resting on your knees.

A relaxing yoga session is a great way to wind down before nap time. 

mom holding daughter upside down playing

4. Exercise with your Toddler – Bear Crawls 

Become one with nature in the comfort of your own home by doing some bear crawls.

With this exercise, you and your toddler are doing full-body movements by crawling on all fours working almost every muscle in the body — it’s not called the bear crawl for nothing!

To add some fun and friendly competition, see who can roar like a bear the loudest. 

With these exercises, you’ll still feel like you’re spending quality time with your little one while still getting some much needed movement in.

Next time you think about throwing away a workout because the parent life is becoming too much, think of ways you can add the kids in too. 

For more workouts and tips for exercising with your toddler, check out the infographic below. 

toddler workouts

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