What is Autism vs. Other Conditions (ADHD, LD, SPD)

Having two boys with Sensory Processing Disorder, sometimes people ask if my kids are on “the spectrum,” meaning the Autism Spectrum. I wonder if they don’t understand what is Autism versus other conditions such as SPD that often accompany Autism.

First, let me clarify. A person can have Sensory Processing Disorder and not be on the Autism Spectrum, just as someone with ASD does not necessarily have sensory issues (although many do).

These conditions can exist separately or together, just as my oldest son has SPD and ADHD. That doesn’t mean a person with ADHD automatically has SPD, although it’s not uncommon for people to be challenged by both.

What is Autism?

Definition of Autism

Working so closely in the sensory community, I get to connect with a lot of interesting people who have extensive insight to the sensory world and beyond. Today, I’m fortunate to welcome a guest blogger (who happens to be Autistic) onto The Sensory Spectrum, where she shares the conditions that can often accompany Autism.

You can continue to READ about what Autism is (and isn’t) as well as the conditions that can occur along with Autism on The Sensory Spectrum.

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