Toy Train Sets Benefit Children’s Growth and Development

While it may seem your child is just playing, toy train sets have many benefits for your child!

Playing with toys isn’t just a way for children to waste time – it’s an essential part of a child’s development.

My boys have been addicted to train sets since they were able to hold onto an individual train toy.

We have had wooden train tracks and electric train sets.

In fact, I have a sprawling set in my basement right now that the boys set up this weekend! We build it up and then take it down just to start all over again!

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Toy Train Sets Benefit Children's Growth and Development | Mommy Evolution

Toy Train Sets Benefit Children’s Growth and Development

Toy train sets are one of those toys that have been around for centuries.

They’re still popular today, and they don’t have to be complicated and electronic to keep kids captivated! Here’s what makes them such great toys.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are a critical part of life-long success.

Every aspect of life involves the ability to solve problems, whether it’s something simple like noticing your clothes are inside out to solving complex problems in the workplace later in life.

Problem solving means seeing A and being able to relate it to B.

By playing with a toy train set, your child is able to learn how to build the tracks so the train can continue to move without obstacles.

Your child also learns how to organize the trains in a manner that increases the train’s ability to move smoothly.

It may take your child time to learn this, but the outcome will last a lifetime.

Creativity and Imagination

Without creativity and imagination, our lives would be boring.

We would be unable to create inventions and move forward as a society if we lacked both of these developmental skills.

With the toy train set, your child is able to put train tracks together in a variety of original ways, which are only limited to his or her imagination.

Your child can also think of different scenarios for the roles played with the train set, creating stories in their heads relating to the trains and any of their other toys they bring into the mix!

Fine Motor Skills and Dexterity

When your child builds a toy train set, which sometimes involves small objects to create a town or train station that the train travels through, he or she is learning fine motor skills.

These fine motor skills are key to many of life’s essential functions.

Fine motor skills are those that will allow your child to manipulate objects, and they will need these skills to get dressed, to feed themselves, to draw and so on.

These are just a few of the skills your child will gain from playing with a toy train set! Impressive, huh?

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