Take a Hike… With Your Dog

Some of our favorite active activities during the summer months include hiking and long walks.

They are a lot of fun with the kids, get you out in the fresh air and nature, and they are easily adaptable to almost any age and fitness level.

But don’t leave our pooch out of the fun!

This summer, I’m hosting my own Camp Jenny with my boys and we’re planning on doing a hike a week. Trust me… we’re also planning on including our Boston Terrier Lucy in the fun.

Be sure to learn more how to support your pets and how your pets support you.


We already have a couple of hikes under our belt and our little Lucy has been there, keeping up with our every step.

We switched Lucy’s dog food a month back to better quality dog food to see if there were any visible changes with her… she’s now 6 years old!

Not old for a dog but old enough that’s she’s no spring chicken.

You see, when your dog eats better food, they feel better! (They’re just like us in that regard, right?)


For our first hike we took the boys and Lucy to one of the open prairies here in Chicagoland. It was a gorgeous day, and Lucy definitely managed to keep up.

This was actually the perfect place for the boys to practice “walking” Lucy on a leash… otherwise, when she sees people and dogs, she thinks it’s one HUGE party. She’s got tons of energy, folks!

Other than some brief stops for water, Lucy was just as energetic from the start of the hike to the end. My boys… well, they were done.

Leave it to Lucy to keep up. Afterward, she took the biggest nap and woke up ready for more. Really, girl?

Just a heads up… before you move your dog to a new food, always follow these guidelines on how to successfully transition your dog to a new food.

Your dog may not do well going cold turkey with a new dog food, so being conscious of transitioning your pooch is a good idea.

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